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Aug 2015 | 10
Fat: Source of Stem Cells
You may have a little excess poundage in your middle section today. But someday that extra blubber could be your salvation.

Nov 2013 | 04
UC San Diego gets $100-million gift for stem cell research
Thanks to a $100-million donation, UC San Diego will be creating a new clinical center to study how the use of stem cells may help cure or alleviate leukemia, spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer's disease and other health problems.

Oct 2013 | 21
Researchers Demonstrate Efficient Method for Converting Fat Cells to Liver Cells
In a feat of modern-day alchemy with huge potential for regenerative medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine scientists have developed a fast, efficient way to turn cells extracted from routine liposuction into liver cells.

Sep 2013 | 06
From Newsmax Health - Adult Stem Cells Can Save Failing Hearts: Researchers
Trials are under way that are studying whether stem cells can be used against a wide array of serious conditions, including heart failure, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and paralysis, says Joshua Hare, M.D., director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at UM. 

Sep 2013 | 06
From The Washington Times - Peyton Manning: Poster Child for Stem Cell Treatment
NFL quarterback Peyton Manning turned in a record performance yesterday against the Super Bowl champion team the Baltimore Ravens. And he may have stem cell therapy to thank.

Sep 2013 | 05
From HuffPost Living Canada - Gene-Enhanced Stem Cells May Be Able To Repair Heart Attack Damage
Canadian researchers have begun a trial using genetically enhanced stem cells in the hope they can repair a patient's heart muscle after a major heart attack.

Jun 2013 | 06
New Source for Regenerative Stem Cells? Your Fat.
Researchers based at the University of California, Los Angeles announced today that they've found an abundant, cheap, easy-to-obtain source of stem cells that could prove to be ideal for regenerating all the basic tissue types of the human body.

May 2013 | 22
Stem cells from fat outperform those from bone marrow
Researchers discovered that it took a smaller dose of adipose tissue-derived stem cells (AT-SCs) to achieve the same effect on the immune cells as compared to bone marrow-derived stem cells.

Feb 2013 | 20
Rugby Star Anthony Tupou Confident of Return after Stem Cell Surgery on Chronic Knee
Revolutionary knee surgery similar to that used in heart operations has convinced Cronulla backrower Anthony Tupou he can return to his rampaging best in 2012.

Jan 2013 | 29
Exchange Procedure Offers New Option for Breast Augmentation after Implant Removal, Says Report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
A "reverse liposuction" approach-replacing breast implants with the patient's own fat cells-provides a new alternative for women undergoing removal of implants used for breast augmentation.

Nov 2012 | 19
Stem Cell Injections Repair Damaged Heart
The study found that stem cell injections into the heart muscle reduced scar tissue by one third, built up healthy heart tissue and remodeled the spherical shape of the damaged heart to look more like a football-shaped healthy heart.

Nov 2012 | 01
Fat Banking Can Now Maintain Youthful Appearance For Years To Come; Emerging Field of Regenerative Medicine May Hold Key to Fountain of Youth
Dr. R. Lee Steely, Board Certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas is one of the first surgeons to be offering a cutting edge cosmetic surgery solution- fat and adipocyte stem cell storage for later use.

Oct 2012 | 24
Adult stem cells change their DNA to generate new organs
The team led by Manel Esteller, Professor of Genetics at the University of Barcelona and ICREA researcher, has identified epigenetic changes that occur in adult stem cells to generate different body tissues. 

Sep 2012 | 26
Study Shows Stem Cells May Prevent and Cure Alzheimer's
In the first study of its kind, researchers at Korea's leading university announced this week the results of a study suggesting that adult stem cells may not only have a positive effect on those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, they can prevent the disease.

Aug 2012 | 31
Stem Cells Bring New Hope for Parry-Romberg Syndrome Patients
In a landmark clinical study, scientists have demonstrated that the transplant of patients' own ("autologous") stem cells can dramatically improve the ability of plastic surgeons to repair diseases.

Aug 2012 | 24
Stem Cells of Fat Cells Can Repair Cartilage, Ease Arthritis Pain
Pre-treatment of the stem cells derived from fat cells can encourage growth of cartilage cells, a finding that could help ease pain in people suffering from a common type of arthritis.

Aug 2012 | 20
Patients Medical Now Recruiting for Stem Cell Clinical Trial Participants
Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in New York City, is now recruiting participants for its IRB-approved pivotal clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of adult adipose-derived (from fat) autologous (an individual's own) stem cells for patients with a variety of medical conditions. 

Aug 2012 | 19
Stem cell injections after a heart attack restore the heart to a healthy state
In U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved trials, a number of hospitals across the country have been injecting the patient's stem cells into the heart and watching as the damaged muscle is restored to its previously healthy state

Jun 2012 | 21
Lab-Engineered Kidney Project Reaches Early Milestone
A small molecule dubbed kartogenin encourages stem cells to take on the characteristics of cells that make cartilage, a new study shows.

Jun 2012 | 14
Make Me Over: 'Fat Banking' preserves your own fat for later use
In today's "Make Me Over" segment we're talking about "fat banking, a way to "save" fat taken from one area of the body and use it in another area, instead of using a synthetic filler.

Jun 2012 | 10
Human bones grown from fat in laboratory
The development opens the way for patients to have broken bones repaired or even replaced with entire new ones grown outside the body from a patient's own cells.

Jun 2012 | 02
Thousands could be spared hip replacement with stem cell treatment
Doctors at Southampton General Hospital in the UK are extracting [mesenchymal] stem cells from patients in need of hip repair due to osteonecrosis - a condition where poor blood supply causes significant bone damage leading to severe arthritis.

May 2012 | 29
Fat-Derived Stem Cells Encouraging
Stem cells derived from fat may be a promising source of stem cells for use in plastic surgery and regenerative medicine, US researchers say

May 2012 | 04
4-Hour, Whole-Body "˜Face-Lift' Uses Patient's Own Fat, Stem Cells
Some doctors say that fiction is now reality in the form of a stem-cell makeover, a procedure that uses the fat and stem cells from one part of the body to revamp another part of the body, all in a single office visit.

Apr 2012 | 05
Stem Cell Treatment Spurs Cartilage Growth
A small molecule dubbed kartogenin encourages stem cells to take on the characteristics of cells that make cartilage, a new study shows.

Mar 2012 | 05
Suzanne Somers uses her own tissue for breast reconstruction
TV star Suzanne Somers from the 1980's hit series, Three's Company, shared her experience undergoing a new breast-reconstruction procedure involving her own stem cells.

Feb 2012 | 19
Pitcher Bartolo Colon brings revitalized career to A's
In April 2010, however, Colon underwent a novel treatment in the Dominican Republic in which fat and bone-marrow stem cells were taken from him and then injected into his shoulder and elbow. 

Dec 2011 | 22
Fat-derived stem cells hold potential for regenerative medicine
A new review from Penn Medicine plastic surgeons sheds additional light on the potential power of adipose-derived stem cells " or adult stem cells harvested from fatty tissue " in reconstructive and regenerative medicine.

Nov 2011 | 20
Stem Cells from fat aid facial and breast reconstruction
Stem cells derived from human fat tissue were recently reported to demonstrate early success in reconstructive surgeries in over 30 patients in Japan who underwent facial and breast procedures.

Nov 2011 | 20
Adipose Stem Cells enhance rejuvenation of vocal chords
A research team, led by Dr. Lorenza Lazzari, released work that supports the thought that fat stem cells within transplanted fat can improve lipo-injection therapy.

Oct 2011 | 26
Promising Results Using Adipose Derived Stem Cells in Patients with Respiratory Disease
A clinical trial that began in 2009 to measure the safety and effectiveness of autologous adipose stem cells in patients with chronic respiratory diseases, can now report very promising results.

Sep 2011 | 20
Peyton Manning Underwent Stem Cell Treatment for Neck Injury
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has reportedly undergone a stem cell treatment in Europe because of a neck injury that is so far this season keeping him off of the field and on the sidelines, according to news reports.
"Any use of stem cells will be determined by the treating physician who will consider if they are applicable for the condition. There is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or other experimental treatments (including regenerative medicine applications) will be available in the future."