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Uses for Your Tissue

AdiCyte offers two sizes of kits for collection of your tissue and stem cells. The Small Kit is used when smaller amounts of tissue are collected such as in Fat Transfer, Arm Lift or Thigh Lift. For other procedures, such as Tummy Tuck, Liposuction or Breast Reduction, a Large Kit may be used for a higher banking volume. For volumes over 240cc, multiple Large Kits may be used. 

  Small Kit
Large Kit
All-Natural Filler for Facial Lines and Wrinkles YES YES
Eye Rejuvenation YES YES
Hand Rejuvenation YES YES
Scar Improvement YES YES
Lip Augmentation and Rejuvenation YES YES
Breast Enlargement NO YES
Buttocks Augmentation
(Brazilian Butt Lift or Miami Thong Lift)
Correction of Breast Asymmetry NO YES
Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction NO YES
Regenerative Medicine* YES YES
Tissue Engineering* YES YES

*Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering are in the clinical trial stage and pending FDA approval 

"Any use of stem cells will be determined by the treating physician who will consider if they are applicable for the condition. There is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or other experimental treatments (including regenerative medicine applications) will be available in the future."